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Mobilize Mankind is a volunteer-based 501.c.3 nonprofit organization that for nearly seven years now has initiated and operated quality of life programs for children with disabilities and motor challenges in Baja California Sur, Mexico. By recycling over $500,000 of donated  used orthopedic equipment from a network of hospitals, schools, manufacturers, retailers, families and individuals, more than 900 disenfranchised children lying on the floor in their homes have been transformed to valued members of society participating to their fullest ability. In addition, special education schools and medical rehabilitation clinics have been stocked with orthopedic equipment, teachers and therapists trained and parents for the first time in their lives have been given hope and allowed to become an active part in their child’s future.

Through our programs we seek to eliminate all barriers of access to the world and their community by weaving a web of support in areas of mobility (wheelchairs, walkers, braces, prosthesis, Physical and Occupational therapy  training); access (ramps, professional training, community awareness, recreation); communication (teacher and family education, assistive technology); mainstreaming (educational staff training and support).

Our collaborations and partnerships with government agencies such as DIF (Department of Human Services), SEP (Department of Education), Governor’s Office, Mayors, Congressmen and fellow local nonprofits are dedicated to and aimed at facilitating the development and advancement of the Mexican educational and medical rehabilitation programs. We believe that in this way, the support we offer will gradually form a sustainable fabric within their collective vision and the Mexicans themselves will have the tools and capabilities to arise to carry on this work.

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