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Mobilize Mankind is a non-profit organization based in Eugene, Oregon dedicated to assisting individuals with physical challenges and limited resources access their environments by recycling used orthopedic equipment and assistive technology.Anibal

With this vision in mind, Mobilize Mankind was established and incorporated in April 2002 in the state of Oregon as a Tax Exempt 501.c.3 Public Benefit Corporation (Federal Tax ID# 73-1636316) with a mission to open the doors for giving and sharing to families and agencies with orthopedic equipment and to open the doors of access to the world for individuals with physical challenges and limited resources. In addition, Mobilize Mankind happily provides a channel for assistive technology including computers, and educational materials to find their way to the under served. The outpouring of donations of equipment since the founding of Mobilize Mankind has been truly incredible. To date, the organization has received donations from families, foster care facilities, children’s hospitals, school districts, doctors, and children themselves. Mobilize Mankind is governed by an active Board of Directors of which Gayle Edwards is the President and Greg Edwards is the Executive Director.

In July 2003, Mobilize Mankind launched their Baja Project in Los Cabos, Mexico. Working with the Mexican National System for Integral Family Development ( their social service agency known as DIF) and beginning in Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, over 25 children were identified that needed wheelchairs or walkers or braces. In addition, therapy equipment for the clinics themselves were identified and acquired. The special education school in both Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos also needed orthopedic equipment for use by the teachers and their students. In December 2003 the first trailer load of equipment was brought to Los Cabos and distributed to the children, clinics and schools.

IramThe Mobilize Mankind Baja Project is designed to focus on five distinct but integrated areas; the children, the parents, the schools, the clinics and the community. Mobilize Mankind’s mission is “to open a door of access to the world” for children with physical challenges. To do this more fully and in a sustainable way means integrating the children, parents, schools, clinics and general community on to one team assisting the children in all areas of their lives. To date, Mobilize Mankind has delivered equipment to the special education schools and rehabilitation clinics in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos, Ciudad Constitucion,Loreto, Santa Rosalia, Guerrero Negro and the capital, La Paz. In addition, specialized pediatric wheelchairs have been delivered and fitted for over 2,000 children. This distribution process involved the parents so that they could learn how to work and maintain the chairs and what new possibilities existed for their children in their new vehicles.

Sustainable quality of life improvements for our target population require long term goals and actions, not just a one time event. Since inception of the Baja California Sur project, Mobilize Mankind has hosted a team of special education school principals and therapists from Baja in Eugene, Oregon for a week long look at the Oregon special education model; initiated a ramp building project at both family dwellings and special ed schools to assist wheelchair access and increase independence and opportunity for exploration by the user; collaborated with local Baja governmental and nonprofit organizations to increase information networking, training, services and resources; initiated a corrective surgery program; introduced an assistive technology and power wheelchair program and hosted a combined total of over 400 volunteer physical and occupational therapists, special education teachers and youth volunteers onsite in Baja, Mexico.

We are calling our 2019 project in Baja the Mobilize Mankind Partnership>Integration>Sustain>Endure initiative. It is designed to continue to build on the Partnerships that we have developed with the Mexican people, organizations and NGO's in Southern Baja over the past fifteen years. The 2019 project focus is; 1) to accelerate the already existing Integration of the Mobilize Mankind mobility program deeper into the daily work of the public clinics and school programs offered in Baja through mentoring and increased training of Mexican staff; 2) to assist and support a healthy transition of the ownership, responsibility and costs of a statewide mobility program from Mobilize Mankind to the Mexican entities in Baja California Sur that serve the children with specials needs and disabilities. 

The overall goal of our 2019 Mobilize Mankind initiative is to produce a collaborative shared vision and practical, Sustainable and Enduring mobility program for children with special needs into the future, fully funded and managed by Mexicans for Mexican children.



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